Employer – 3rd Quarter 941, RT-6 & 940 Due October 31, 2022

File & Pay Employment Tax 941, 940 & RT-6 by October 31

The employer 3rd quarter 941, RT-6 & 940 forms reporting are due by October 31, 2022.

Additionally, employers must deposit all Federal and State Unemployment taxes accrued through September 2022 by October 31, 2022.

Federal and State Tax Deposits & Filing Requirements

Employers must report wage payments, income tax withholding, social security tax, and Medicare tax if applicable to the IRS.  Also, all employers must file quarterly or annual reports and tax forms to the applicable agency for unemployment taxes.  All tax reporting and returns must be file by the end of the last business day of the month following the end of each calendar quarter.

To learn more about employers tax deposit requirements and filings read: Understanding Payroll Tax Payments and 941, RT-6 & 940 Filings.

When to Deposit and File 4th Quarter 941, RT-6 & 940?

941Semiweekly/MonthlyOctober 31
940Quarterly tax liability balanceOctober 31
RT-6QuarterlyOctober 31

Further, all employers need to know that Payroll taxes must be deposited with the government in a timely manner. If the employer fails to make a timely deposit, then the employer will be subject to a failure-to-deposit penalty and interest.

In addition, to avoid penalties on late deposits, employers should calendar all payroll deposits and filing deadlines.

For more information about how employee and independent contractors classification, read this article: How to Classify Your Employees and Contractors.

Other Due Dates 

4th Quarter Ending December 31, 2022  —- File by January 31, 2023 (Forms 941, 940, RT-6)

Lastly, deposit and file your employer 4th quarter 941, RT-6 & 940 liabilities and returns for the ending period December 2022 are due by January 31, 2023.

If you like to outsource your business payroll, you can subscribe to our Payroll services.  If you need help determining your filing requirements you can contact us.  For immediate assistance you can contact our office today and we will gladly assist you.

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